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How To Set String Height  E-mail

How To Set String Height

String Buzzing could be one of the problems you encounter. You should pay special attention to the buzzing to determine if it is all along the fretboard, or if it is in just one place along the length of a given string. Each of these issues must be approached with a slightly different method.

The following pictures detail the process of checking each string. First, tune your bass correctly. Then, press the individual string firmly to the fretboard, strike the string and slide your finger up toward the bridge at a consistent rate of speed.


Repeat this step on each string while listening for any buzzing or dead spots.


If the buzzing is seemingly consistent along most of the fretboard, then simply raise the bridge saddle a bit, re-tune, and try it again. You may have taken the nut too low, which can be fixed with a shim. You could use your .023" veneer for this!

If the buzzing is in one spot along the fretboard, and is on one or more strings in the same spot on the fretboard, you may need to re-work the surface of the fretboard to “work out” that spot. It could be that there is a high spot or a low spot somewhere that needs to be leveled. There's the basic method for how to set string height.