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How to Defret
How To Defret A Bass Guitar  E-mail

How To Defret A Bass Guitar

This site is dedicated to the DIY musician desiring to learn how to defret a bass guitar. Fret removal is only part of the process for your new (or old) fretless bass project. This information should help anyone interested in taking a project bass guitar to the next level! Everything is considered right here on these pages, and you can get the entire book as a PDF download, too.

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Fretless Conversion - Complete Fret Removal Instructions

We recently took on a really cool project! We created a complete and accurate book containing instructions on how to defret your electric bass guitar! We took the time to video and photograph all the essential steps from the required tools, fret removal, slot fills, sanding, finishing to understanding the setup after your bass defret.

We encountered some difficulties and have detailed the steps to work around some of the things you'll have to consider when defretting your bass guitar!

This is the PERFECT reference book for the DIY Bass player! Add this ULTIMATE bass (or guitar) upgrade to your nice project bass or guitar!


Fretless Bass Project

Start this project on a less expensive bass or guitar. When you're comfortable with the process, defret your better bass! You'll end up with a GEM and you'll be able to do it right the first time! We can't wait to see your results!


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