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NEW SX Project Bass Guitars

SX bass guitars make great project bass guitars! One serious consideration for doing a fretless conversion is, "Where do I get a bass guitar for a project like this? Of course if you already have an inexpensive bass laying around with worn out frets, then you're good to go! If not, you can look around in pawn shops, or find a used bass guitar in a classified section of the news paper, on eBay, or possibly on in your area.

SX Project Bass Guitars

If you have an extra bass guitar available to defret for your project bass defret, let's get started! If not, then you'll need one... My "go to" shop for SX project bass guitars is Rondo Music. I recently purchased a B-Stock bass guitar (Jazz bass instrument) from Rondo Music. This bass guitar was listed with two individual issues:
  1. The pearloid pickguard was peeling.
  2. Very minor scuffs on the body.

The first issue turned out to be quite true, and there was literally no way to repair the pick guard due to the nature of the peeling, and because there was some broken pearl material. Not salvageable. Note: Part of the pickguard was used in another project.

The second issue I couldn't detect, even with extremely close-up scrutiny of the entire bass guitar body.

Click now to browse SX Project Bass Guitars at Rondo Music!

SX Project Bass Guitars at Rondo Music

Keep in mind these guitars could go out of stock at any moment, but here are some of Rondo Music SX bass guitars (click the pic for more detail):

SX Project bass pic     Rondo Project bass img     Rondo SX Pirate project bass pic    

There are very many other bass guitar body colours to choose from, and the price range goes higher with the build quality and hardware... Since that is true ov every other guitar maker, I think it has no bearing on the reputation or reliability of the musical instrument manufacturer and company.

With that said, I purchased the following SX bass guitar for a grand total of $130 including shipping. I added a couple of things to the order to complete my project, an SX bass neck needing a nut slot cut, and a black jazz bass pickguard with the single-coil pickup rout. Total with shipping: $173.34

Here's the bass I received from Rondo Music:


Click on any of the images to visit the Rondo Music Bass Guitar pages. They have NEW bass guitars for just over $100 and they are very good quality bass guitars, too. The electronics are cheap, though adequate to get started, and the machine heads (tuners) are somewhat less than, but the things that REALLY MATTER are simply amazing quality. The Ash body I received is a solid 3-piece natural matte finish. I love the resonance of this body! Can't wait until I have the project finished:

  • Ash body
  • Fender US Jazz Pickups
  • Beautiful SX Maple neck with black-block inlays
  • I may install bridge and pickup covers for a vintage touch.

SX Project Bass Update

In 2009, I finished swapping necks, bodies, USA fender jazz pickups and a nice black SX jazz bass pickguard. This SX jazz bass turned out beautiful and can be seen at DIY SX Jazz Bass Guitar Project.

Want a fretless bass guitar without all the fuss? SX Fretless Bass

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